Welding, Painting & API

Welding, Painting & API Course includes: welding

  1. CSWIP 3.1 Certified Welding Inspection.
  2. CSWIP 3.2 Senior Certified Welding Inspection.
  3. BGAS Painting & Coating Inspection Gr 2&3.
  4. API 510 Pressure Vessels Inspector Certification Program.
  5. API 653 Above ground Storage Tanks Inspector Certification Program.
  6. API 570 Piping Inspector Certification Program.
  • Eligibility: Degree/Diploma in Engineering.

Vision Requirements : 

Near distance vision:

Must have visual acuity in at least one eye capable of reading the JaegerJ2 test chart, or equivalent, at a distance of not less than 30.5cm (12in.)

  • Color Vision:

Must be able to differentiate between the colors used in the NDT a method in which certification is sought.