IRCA ( EMS 14001 : 2015)


IRCA (International Register of Certificated Auditors) is the leading professional body for management system auditors. Formed in 1984, IRCA is dedicated to making a positive and profound contribution to the management systems audit profession through membership and training. Representing over 10,000 registered auditors in over 120 countries. Every year, over 60, 000 delegates attend an IRCA-certified training course.

IRCA is a division of the Chartered Quality Institute (CQI), the UK’s chartered body for quality management professionals.

IRCA members are encouraged to join LinkedIn group where they can discuss issues with other auditors.

The CQI and its specialist division IRCA is the global chartered body for quality and auditing professionals with a network of 20,000 members worldwide

Environmental Management System Lead Auditor Course (EMS 14001 : 2015)

ISO 14001 is a standard for environment management system. It is applicable to every type of organization regardless of the size, structure or turnover. A properly designed IRCA EMS allows efficient identification of opportunities for cost savings. It can trigger procedural and/or technological changes that reduce the total cost of a product or prove its value.

  • Benefits for Employers:
  1. Ability to provide the written documentation necessary to demonstrate compliance with regulations.
  2. Demonstrating a commitment to governmental authorities that the organization is moving beyond compliance and pursuing continual improvement.
  3. Preferred supplier status with the customer in domestic as well as in international markets.
  4. Recognition by a third party professional organization.
  5. Possible reduction in need for multiple on-site audits by regulatory agencies.
  6. Better work environment internally as well as for surroundings
  7. Enhancement in corporate image
  8. Reduction in operational costs
  9. Effective emergency preparedness and response
  10. Reduction in environmental hazards and incidents


  • Eligibility: No pre-requisite, however experience in Health and safety field and fair knowledge of English is highly recommended.